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About Northwest Hydraulic Services Inc.

Our company was founded in 1963 and has been working in all facets of industrial and mobile equipment, starting in the steel industry, utilizing our fabrication shop. We built and manned a machine shop to complete the fabrication process. We started to supply mechanical parts, such as, hydraulic components and integrating them with our fabricated and finished machined parts for completed assemblies.

We progressed into the coal industry, manufacturing above ground and under ground coal related equipment. Then on to earth moving equipment, we supplied the hydraulic needs and repairs of mobile equipment.

Our motivation then moved us into the golf & plastics industry, supplying the hydraulic needs of area golf courses and supplying plastics products to area companies.

Our background in all facets of manufacturing - raw steel to finished product, selling new and re-manufactured hydraulic pumps, valves, motors & replacement components, plastic pieces - in the industrial and mobile markets makes us very knowledgeable of any and all of your required needs.

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